My hair is damaged, can I still get my hair straightened?
Yes, even if your hair is damaged you can get it permanently straightened.
We recommend using the Majestic Keratin system as this is a non-chemical treatment that will deeply condition your hair.

Are your products safe?

Yes- both YUKO solutions and MK are safe. YUKO solutions do not contain any chemicals that produce formaldehyde or any other cancer-causing substances. The YUKO process is not just about straightening hair, it also re-texturizes your hair to a healthy shine.
Majestic Keratin has 0% formaldehyde and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

When can I colour my hair?

When using Yuko system we recommend colouring your hair 2-weeks either side of the straightening process.
When using MK we recommend you colour after straightening as the process will lighten your hair colour. If you have foils/bleach, we suggest do it before or waiting 4-weeks after your straightening process for best results.

What mustn't I do immediately after I get my hair straightened?

If you use the Yuko system, you will need to wait 2-days after the treatment to tie up or wash your hair.
If you get your hair straightened with MK, there are no restrictions to how you choose to manage your hair.  You can tie it up or wash it, even go swimming as soon as you leave the salon.

Is it safe to get it done while I'm pregnant?

Yes, only after 6 month or third trimester

D0 I still need to style my hair after the straightening?

We do recommend drying your hair off after a wash (just finger dry), in some cases we do ask you to use a paddle brush while you dry off your hair.

Can I still curl my hair?

Yes! in fact, the curls will last longer. But as soon as you wash your hair, it will be straight again.

I'm ready to book, what's next?

please complete this information form; we will contact you back to confirm availability

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit as this service requires us to block out about 5-6 hours of our day. There is a $250 deposit required for all straightening bookings.  The deposit is non-refundable for cancelled appointments within the period of less than 7 days, no exceptions. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we do ask for at least 4 days notice  prior to your booking, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.